Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's good to be back from my excursion in New Mexico. I returned well worn, exhausted, exhilerated, and just plain proud that I was able to finish the arduous task. I was really worn out, but finish I did. Climbed both mountains without incurring any altitude sickness. Only one blister, but I think I broke a rib when I flew off my mountain bike while riding along the Rio Grande Gorge. That was on day 2 of the trip. In spite of this I was able to do the Philmont trek to completion. Now that I've caught up on my sleep, overcome jet lag, call, and hhhhhot-humid weather, I'll start posting some photos and describing the trip in some detail.


Blogger PEA said...

Welcome Back!!!! Was so nice to see your comment on my blog this morning and find out you were back:-) Sounds like you had a greatttt time and oh wow, what scenery you must have seen by climbing those mountains. From what I can see from the picture, it was breathtaking!! What a shame about your broken rib though...ouch! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip and seeing more pictures:-)

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