Saturday, August 05, 2006

Page 3, day 1.

After checkin out "old town" we reboarded the bus and went to Sandia mountain for a tram ride up the mountain.

We spent a couple hours exploring the mountain top (10,000 ft.) and starting the acclimitization process so as to make our climb at philmont doable without succumbing to altitude sickness. The air was definitely thin atop Sandia Mountain. Breathing was strained with minimal effort. Sandia is Spanish for watermelon. The mountain was so named because it appears a pinkish color at sunset(?) In the photo with the elevation sign (6559 ft.) you can see in the window a reflection of myself taking pictures, and Leigh fiddling with his watch. His watch includes an altimiter and he was setting it at the bench-mark. However he found with repeated resets at different bench marks along the trek that it could be off by 300 to 500 feet. He called the timex Co. when we returned and explained this and they are going to replace this watch.

Eventually we made our way to Pancho's Mexican Buffet for supper. It was a scrumptious repast even if I ate some things I really didn't know what they were. :-)

Finally we pulled into the Marriot Pyramid North to rest our bones. I roomed with FR. A Pharmacist who's care and help I was to avail myself of in 2 more days. Although in most respects the room was like so many cookie cutter rooms I've stayed in before, this one was different in one significant way: The bed was covered with a miriad of oversized pillows. In fact, after utilizing two huge pillows, there were enough pillows left over to fill the other side of the bed. It was like having another body in the bed. The next morning they also provided a sumptuous breakfast buffet.

The end of Day one.


Blogger Lee-ann said...

Hello Remiman from down in Australia.

Your track so far sounds and looks just the best! and I wish for more of these great comments and photos so I can follow this as I know I will never (but we would love to) get there ourselves.

thank you for sharing it with the blogger world and I am so pleased to have found your blog.

I will be back again to see more.

May I ask you, are you a mason? the reason I ask this is my husband is and I have never other then those gentlemen who come to the kitchen to say thank you for their dinner always say they enjoyed their "repast" very much & I noted you also called it such. I am probably way off mark but that is ok.

I thank you for your blog.

10:43 PM  
Blogger PEA said...

Rattle Snake Crossing eh?? Yikes! lol I can't believe how much you all did in just the one day! I don't know if I could handle such heights...were any in the group affected by diziness? I have vertigo and that's why I think it would affect me right away! Imagine all those pillows...some places you have to beg for more than 2 pillows! Can't wait to hear the rest:-)

4:44 PM  

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