Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lately it seems that I either don't have time to write a blog post or, as is more likely, I squander the time I do have on Facebook.  So here I am writing a post when, by all rights, I should be in the shower, getting ready for work.  I learned long ago that putting off 'til tomorrow or even later today is a prescription for tasks left undone if not forever, then close to it.

Have you ever contemplated what you would do if you won a big lottery payout, say in the millions or more?  Of course you have, we all have.  For the most part it's pie-in-the-sky dreaming but hey there are worse things to waste your thoughts on.

One of the things I've consistently said I'd do, if I won the lottery, is go to college and get a degree in literature, writing etc.  Well, I didn't win the lottery but I did take a first step towards that goal.  Last Monday I had an appointment to meet  with a representative from Empire State College (NY State's college without walls) to investigate my options and get direction on how best to proceed.  To curb my naturally tendency to verbosity, let's say that on Tuesday morn i applied online to take a non- matriculated course at ESC just to see how I do at online education.

I stopped at the local gas station-quikstop just outside our village to grab a sandwich to eat on my way to my appointment and a few of the town fathers, who gather there a couple times a day to solve the world's as well as the local problems of the day were still in residence and had corralled a young women who was on a solo bicycle trip from Syracuse to Quebec.  She will be on her quest to obtain some photographs, she is a photographer, and will be on her trek 'til the end of august.  I didn't have time to spend talking to her for more than 5 minute, but I walked away thinking If Kat can take a solo bike trip from Syracuse to and around Quebec Canada, then I surely can start taking college course toward a B.A. in writing and literature.

So that's my next step.

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