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Lying in repose
Remembering toothful grins.
Now unemployed.


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Monday, June 21, 2010

Andrew Michael Sullivan

SUNDAY, JUNE 20, 2010
Andrew Michael Sullivan, 64, passed away at his daughter's home on June 19, 2010 surrounded by his wife and children after a brief and sudden illness.
Funeral Services will be held Wednesday, June 23 at 3 PM at Frary Funeral Home in Ogdensburg with Rev. Walter Smith officiating. Calling Hours will be from 2 PM to 3 PM at the funeral home. Burial will be held at Hill Crest Cemetery in Heuvelton.
Mr. Sullivan is survived by his wife Nancy, two daughters, Kate Sullivan White and her husband Shayne of Halifax Nova Scotia, and Karyn Ellen Sullivan and her partner, David Ferry of Ogdensburg; a son MichaeI Sevin Sullivan of Ogdensburg, and granddaughters Aidyn Elizabeth and Sydney Marguerite White of Nova Scotia.
Mr. Sullivan was born September 14, 1945. His parents were Alfred Savino Sullivan and Blanche Larock Sullivan. They predeceased him in 1990 and 1976 respectively. He graduated from Ogdensburg Free Academy in 1963 and then attended Cornell University. He later returned to Ogdensburg. He married the former Nancy McCadam on February 12, 1971 at the First Presbyterian in Ogdensburg.

Mr. Sullivan was a lifelong resident of Ogdensburg and had spent recent winters on the Gulf Coast in Biloxi, Mississippi. He worked as a pipefitter with Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 73 until opening Sully's Tavern in 1998, which is now operated by his son Michael.
He was an avid poker player and sports fan who enjoyed boating, following the stock market and spending time with his family and dogs.
Memorial Contributions may be made in his honor to the St. Lawrence County SPCA, 6718 State Highway 68, Ogdensburg, NY.

from ; The Ogdensburg Journal


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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Last Thursday, Willow prompted the Magpie Tales cadre with a picture of a porcelain cup, depicting the 1937 English coronation of King George, filled with sharpened pencils. I posted my response earlier than usual knowing that I would be too busy over the weekend the spend much time blogging.

When I arrived home from Syracuse Friday evening, my wife showed me that we too had a similar memento of the same event pictured on a porcelain creamer. Ours was inherited by us from our home's previous owners when we bought their house completely furnished, in the 1940's style, back in 1975.

I suppose I could fill it with sharpened pencils also.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Magpie 18

Love pencils.
Don't use'em much

Fresh sharpened pencils
Erect in a porcelain

Like a Manhatten
To the eye!


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Friday, June 04, 2010

Magpie #17
Stone chiseled eyes
Mouth agape
In perpetual surprise.
Watching cauldron boil,
Witches stir
Thrice their toil.
A Magpie screams-
Cast, immobile
Within her dreams.
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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Late November, 1963 on a bitingly cold evening, Doctor Lambed Kroner stood outside a Chicago burlesque house contemplating the forbidden joys to be witnessed inside by a newly turned 18 year old from the sticks of northern New York. He had recently completed his U.S. Navy recruit training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center and was on a weekend liberty while waiting for his Hospital Corps school training to start on the 5Th of December. President Kennedy had been assassinated a week before and he was in need of strong distraction; this was just the ticket. Yesserie, watching beautiful women preforming a striptease would take his mind off all his cares and woes.

Moving toward the entrance doors he felt a tug on his peacoat sleeve. Turning to his right he found himself face to face with the beautiful face of a young women who said to him, "you don't really want to go in THERE do you?" He stared into her eyes, his mouth agape, barely able to shake his head let alone utter a coherent reply. "You don't remember me do you?" she said. As he was shaking his head no, and wishing so in his heart that he could nod yes, she went on; "weren't you in the USO earlier this afternoon?" Nodding yes in his doltish bewilderment he squeaked out a "yes." "I'm Lillian, the girl who gave you the stamps you needed to mail your letter home, remember?" she said.

He looked more closely at her but with a stocking cap pulled down around her ears and a wide turned-up collar, mid calf length wool coat wrapped around her body there wasn't much to.....wait, those shoes; those black sueded open toed shoes. Oh yes indeed, now he remembered; the beautiful dark haired girl with the infectious smile and cheery, lilting, alto voice who he had met all too briefly that afternoon at the USO. Yes he remembered staring after her and admiring the swell of her calf as it grew out of the black toeless wedge heeled shoe, as she walked away. He remembered too when she had glanced back over her right shoulder and smiled back at him as if she knew exactly what he was thinking.

"Yes Lillian I remember you" he said sheepishly, now embarrassed to be caught getting ready to go in to the burlesque house.

"There's a dance tonight at the USO, I was going to go but felt uncomfortable going without a date," she said. "Would you like to go? There's no charge and there'll be food and some punch. Sorry no alcohol though" she added smiling. Then she, blushing with embarrassment, said, "I'm sorry, that was very forward of me, and besides, I see you have other plans."

Taking her mittened hand in his, he said, "I'd like to go with you very much, thankyou for asking me.

Off they strolled, down Michigan Avenue, the sailor and the pretty girl in the black open toed shoes with the wedge shape heels .

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