Monday, June 11, 2018

Morning on the river

Dawn arrives early this time of year. She was up and reflecting off the feathery white clouds lingering lazily over the sky-blue river.
A blue jay lands on the clothesline from the nearby cedar tree; seemingly looks me in the eye as I peer out the kitchen door’s window and squawking as if to say; food, food, feed me.
The Blue heron lingers, fishing off the rock pile, that once supported our no longer existent dock, for nearly 20 minutes. Perhaps looking for a crayfish breakfast

Two mallards frolic nearby, while further out a lone cormorant dives in search of fish.
A gaggle with goslings float to within a foot of the boat ramp staring at the driftwood snake placed across the ramp by me to deter the geese from leaving their excrement on the lawn.

  It worked; after a few minutes of evaluating said “sculpture,” they reenter the river and continue west, up river.
In the background a laker floats by; movement almost imperceptible on the glassy surface.

Ahh, morning, the river community awakens.