Thursday, February 11, 2021

Another Vino Loco day with alterations


Thursday; traditional Vino Loco day for as many years as we’ve been coming to Florida.  In recent years our friends from across the street have been accompanying us on this weekly outing. It’s modeled after the tapas bars one might find in Spain.  Although the menu doesn’t change much, (a number of items have been eliminated this season due to the covid pandemic,) they have always changing chef’s specials.  But as much as anything, it’s an opportunity for a pleasant lunch and socialization  in these days of quarantine.

Diane, my wife, has decided to skip today’s trip.  She excuses herself by proffering the fact that she has a hair appointment at 1330.  I’m somewhat puzzled because first of all we are usually seated by 1130 and are always finished well before 1330; plenty of time to get home to get her car (Sonny & Judy always drive) and make it to the hairdresser on Beach Road on time. Secondly, since we’ve been here this season Diane has complained about the social isolation imposed by the pandemic.  Enough so that she has spearheaded our Tuesday morning coffee get togethers, our Tuesday evening happy hours and Friday night dinner parties; these last two on a rotating basis.  Like I said, I’m puzzled.

My, self stated socially deprived, wife wants some alone time while I accompany our friends and their newly adopted dog to the weekly Vino Loco lunch.

What to do, what to do?  “Maybe nothing” she says. “Right” says I with a note of disbelief in my voice.  “I’ve got 2 packets to make up for new home buyers and/or fill out the history paperwork for her dr’s appointment.

I suggested that it’s a good day to go to the beach, which we’ve only done twice since Oct. (weather has been too cool to enjoy sitting on the beach.) Not only that but the hairdresser is on the road to the beach so she could easily spend an hour and a half on the beach (at less crowded time) and stop at the hairdresser which is only 5 minutes on the return drive from the beach.  Again I’m puzzled; for someone who loves her beach time, alone even, and frequently decries the lack of opportunity this season I’d think she’d jump at the opportunity.

Oh well what do I know?; I’m a man and a Husband of 53 years.  I’ll always be clueless.


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