Sunday, August 07, 2022

Hard of hearing #Plein-air

 OK, story time.

Leaving my house this morning to walk to the post office, I see a lady on my neighbor's lawn looking at their house and she turns to me as I am walking toward the sidewalk with a look on her face that says, "I have a question." I approach her and ask, "what's up," and I heard her to say, "I'm looking for a place to pee."
Pondering, for a few seconds, where I might suggest that she relieve herself, besides recommending a group of bushes in the back yard, I realize my bathroom is the only viable solution. I invite her in and give her a tour of the downstairs on the way to the bathroom. She's very complimentary of the decor and expresses a love for the bathroom. Believing she, like most if not all women I know, prefer to attend to their business in private, I wait in the hallway for her to do her business. But when she exits the bathroom after only a couple of minutes, I become a little puzzled, like, really; that's the fastest take down your pants, pee and pull your pants up I've ever been privy too, even for a man. She continues to marvel at the decor as I escort her out and she comments, "Maybe I'll paint your place." At this point, obviously still in a brain fog, I wonder if she actually paints houses or maybe represents a house painting contractor, and I comment. "I admit, the house needs painting this year." I wait for her to make an offer that never comes.
Later, as I leave to drive to the 'burg I notice she has set up an easel on the sidewalk and is painting a picture of my house. When I return from my errands, I approach her and relay to her what I thought she had previously said to prompt me to invite her into my home; "I'm looking for a place to pee." She lets out a hearty laugh and says, "no, what I said was I'm looking for a place to paint."
It's a busy, busy weekend in Morristown and I'd forgotten that the Plein-air was taking place.

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