Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July, Independence Day---USA

Whew! My internet connection has been restored just in time for the 4th of July.
Apparently the high winds over the weekend disruptedRoad Runner service to our area.

The day is beginning sunny, hot, and hazy-----it portends to be a great day to celebrate Americas independence day. Two of my three children are home and Diane and I have the day off. The girls went home early to shower and get some chores done. Jacob is still snoring lol :-) I stayed here because of call, but that is finished now. So as soon as I finish this post, I'll take the beeper back to the OR for my relief, and then proceed to the homestead and enjoy the commaraderie of the parade crowd as well as the parade itself. The Firemen's fireworks display was last night, but we stayed here at camp and chose not to go. Brockville's fireworks on the 1st (Canada Day) and Morristown's on the 3rd gave both communities a chance for a double show. Having witnessed this display many years in the past, I'm sure they were spectacular from both sides of the river. A few years back the two communities combined to have the fireworks on the same night. They coordinated the displays via radio and what a exellent show they put on.
For all the parades, partying, picnics and boating activities, the reunions, and generalized aura of celebration, I try to remember the reason for our reverie.

Both my French-Canadian and Irish-Canadian great grandfathers served in the American Civil war. An uncle served in WWI, My father and one of his brothers in WWII, myself in Vietnam, My daughter and one son in Gulf I. Two cousins were in the Korean conflict.

The price of freedom is dear. Savor our independence and treat it with respect.

The parade is at 1000. We'll probably come back to camp afterward to enjoy the river, and cook out. Jacob will return to Buffalo today, Michelle will go back to Albany tomorrow. What a treat it is to have them home for awhile :0


Blogger Carole Burant said...

Happy 4th of July from your Canadian friend:-) I'm glad to hear you got your internet back up...I'm always so lost when ours goes down!! Good to hear you have the day off and will be able to enjoy the festivities and parade. You're right...the price of freedom certainly is dear and we must never forget what was done to give us this freedom...in the USA and Canada. Enjoy yourself today with your loved ones:-)

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