Saturday, June 18, 2011

The granddaughters, ages 15 and 10, arrived at the Syracuse airport last evening from south Texas.  There was only one small SNAFU in their flight itinerary; a delay in Cleveland for an hour.  Grandma had paid the fee for unaccompanied minor so the girls were treated royally while they waited.

We did meatball subs at the local Subway, (just the girls. grandma and I ate pizza at the airport.) And grandpa bought a half gallon of cookies and cream ice cream for desert!

This morning we are off to the farmers market.  The girls are excited because they've never been to a real live farmer's market.  Then we will make the final move to the camp on the St. Lawrence and enjoy the sunny ambiance there.  I'm sure these two Texan won't delay for long a plunge into the chilly St. Lawrence they've come to love over the past years.

Later this evening we'll be trekking over to Merkley's U-Pick the get the first fresh strawberries of the season; another favorite activity for these two.

Oops, gotta go;  grandpa, come-on we're ready to go..........

ta ta.



Blogger Stafford Ray said...

I can't imagine the St Laurence ever being warm enough for a swim! I say stay longer at the strawberry farm!
Best of luck with the studies too. What a good thing to do.

4:40 PM  

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