Sunday, June 19, 2011

We spent the night at the cottage last night.  The temps dropped into the low 40s.  This morning the sun was bright and the river calm; a more beautiful morning has not graced these shores.  The river is inviting but the girls haven't progressed beyond their ankles.  So that tells me that the river isn't inviting for a dip.

We had a real tasty breakfast prepared by grandma and made our lists for things to get from home.  Once home laundry was started, strawberry cleaning commenced and the girls rediscovered grandpas sanctuary.  Books were bagged and after perusing the antique camera collection, each chose one they would like to keep.

Back to the river and the cargo unloaded,  Gracie from next door came over to welcome the girls.  they hung out on Gracie's dock for an hour until Gracie and her family left.  Then the girls agreed to go to the cemetery with me for the weekly maintenance and watering chores.  We did a recap of the french side of the family tree to go along with the print out of the family tree that I printed out for them earlier while at the house.

Next up. BBQ the chicken, hammock napping (Hailey, not me :)) water wading for Crystal and collecting sea glass.   After supper the girls sat and kibitzed in the hammock while grandma and I went online to purchase Via Rail tickets from Brockville to Montreal for next weekend and to obtain hotel accommodations. That done, we are winding down with a game of WAR for Grandma and Crystal.  Hailey retired to the girls room to read and me? well here I am typing away on blogger.

The river is smooth as glass and the golden orb is sinking majestically into the Canadian landscape.

I got texted from Jacob, and calls from Michelle and Bob.  All in all, a pretty spectacular Father's day.

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