Sunday, January 01, 2012

Another year older........

I find the nice thing about New Year's celebrations is the sense of renewal; we get another chance to accomplish goals we didn't quite mange to finish, get to, or stay on task with in the previous 12 months.  Yup, every 365 days we can choose to recommit to whatever we want to..........

We pause here to remind the multitude of readers flocking to my blog for inspiration that this year you are given an extra day to get'r done;  2012 is a Leap year.

I went back to my New Year's 2011 post to see what pearls of wisdom I laid down and discovered that while I admitted that I don't often make New Year resolutions I recanted enough to resolve to make an effort to do a blog post everyday for the year 2011.  I did pretty well in January but even there I fell short of my goal. The year's posts declined more and more over the year and in fact I think Oct. got only a single post.  I claim no excuse; I was too lazy, period.  Now that said, I'll mention in my defense that I did put up a status update on Facebook everyday or pretty darn near so.  Also, I signed up for, and took to completion, a college course at the Empire State College without walls, in creative nonfiction.  So from September through the middle of December I did in fact do a pile of writing, reading and revising.  And the payoff was an A in the course.  Yes I neglected my blog but not my writing.

 In years of my youth I was believer, or want to be believer in magic, witchcraft, divination, hypnosis for less than upright purposes,  prophecy, and all related manner of slight of hand to include also astrology.  Even drifting away from those beliefs as age accumulated it's been nearly impossible to ignore the publicity and media attention given to the Mayan calendar's end, on 21 December 2012, as meaning the END.

I'm 99% willing to pooh-pooh this and believe that life and time will go on and, God willing and the creek don't rise, me and mine will be here to celebrate Christmas 2012.


But what if it's true?  Lord o' mercy, if it is true what, alas will we do?   Well here's one thing that I'm 100% sure of; nobody gets outta here alive, and if we're all going to leave on the same day; well that calls for a celebration, don't you agree.  So I propose that we suspend all unkindness, personal and world wide, for one year or as close to that as is possible given the dire prediction.  Suspend all war and hostilities, all murder, mayhem, rape, and slaughter of populations.  Lay aside, Just for one year, come-on you can do it for one year; all avarice,  wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.  Let's be a little more loving and charitable for 365 days, then, heck, we can go back to our mean and selfish ways.  Whatta ya say?  Willing to give it a try?   I mean, everybody says how fast the year went by.... Hell, we're all gonna die together anyway, so why not?

 With that in mind, here are my resolutions for 2012:
  1. Be kinder to everyone but especially to those closest to me.
  2. Think positively more, cynically less.
  3. write
  4. read
  5. reduce my calorie intake
  6. continue my exercise regimen and try to stay on task with out excuse.
  7. Lend a helping hand before being asked.

What are your resolutions for this end of the world leap year?


Blogger Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

This is wonderful, rel; sounds like an awesome plan for 2012 for all of us :) Buon anno!

11:24 AM  
Blogger Evalinn said...

Sounds good! :-) My plan is to eat better, exercise more, write and read more and most of all, enjoy more! ;-)

Happy New Year Rel!

2:42 PM  
Blogger Nita Jo said...

Your writing made me smile! Interesting, easy to read, and I'm with you on suspending the "ugliness" and implementing a more charitable, loving attitude for the year. What have we got to lose? Happy Writing and Happy New Year!

5:38 PM  

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