Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial day is a a day set aside for purposeful remembering those, from among us, who have died and gone on to what ever there might be to go on to. It started out as a day to remember American soldiers, both Union and Confederate who died during the Civil War. As America grew and progressed she sent more of her youth to be sacrificed on the alter of war and so Memorial Day was soon a Day to remember the dead of all our wars. And now today, so as to be inclusive of all Americans, it's become a day to remember any and all of our friends,family and loved ones who have passed beyond the living as we know it. There are parades and speeches but I guess the thing that stands out as the thing that signifies Memorial Day activities is the decorating of the graves in our cemeteries; that's probably why it was originally called Decoration Day. Veterans organizations sell poppies as a way to wear remembrance on our lapels, purse straps, or such.

I went to war as did many of my ancestors, but as far as I know no one of them died on the battle field nor from wounds suffered there. At least not wounds in the normal sense of the word. Each of us left a part, if not all of our innocence in those theaters of battle though; our hearts and spirits were wounded and they are wounds that never heal. They may scab over but the sera of memory is easily provoked to spill out with the slightest stimulus. In particular for me is the sight of the Wall. The mere contemplation of this memorial chokes my throat and only a supreme effort can keep the tears contained behind my eyes. To venture near to that Wall or any replica thereof will cause the tears to spill over copiously and anguish well up in my heart and escape past my lips in the lowest of moans.

So today I will go to the cemetery and plant living flowers over the graves of a few of my ancestors, to include a veteran of the Civil War, WWI, and WWII., and their wives, sons, daughters, wives, brothers and nephews.

While I'm kneeling there I'm going to take a few minutes to pray, to pray for an end of War.


Blogger Helena said...

Oh, Rel - your post has made me teary now! But that's not a bad thing.

My father was a POW in WWII and the only member of the gang of 5 friends from his little village to return home. His first hand account of stories still to this day, bear heavy in my mind.He was and still is my true hero.

The biggest impact on me was when he said he felt guilty on his return home as the only remaining soldier but the parents of his dead friends still gave him comfort. That hurt more than any of his shrapnel ever did, he said.

I'd have loved to walk among the decor, Rel. To see the poppies in particular. They were never out of my dads garden.....

9:15 PM  
Blogger Churlita said...

Happy Belated Memorial Day, Rel. And thank you for serving.

3:01 PM  

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