Monday, January 06, 2014

Don't cry over spilt wine

I shoulda taken my own photo like a good facebooker would have but no sense in crying over spilt wine.

In a day filled with minor mishaps, I've struggled to find a topic to write about that didn't sound like whining.  coming to the end of my day I thought; "looks like you'll have to miss a day's blog post just 6 days into the new year."

Fortuitously while preparing my supper I accidentally knocked over a just poured, full, glass of red wine.  Fortuitous you say?  How can spilling a full glass of red wine be seen as a good thing?

Well at first blush, my reaction was; damn it.  Almost immediately I thought: get this wiped up before it dries.  And so as I surveyed the mess my mind thought; "How can I put this in a positive light?"  Unlikely response I agree but there you have it, honest to God.

First thought; wow, this would make a great photo illustration or even a video to demonstrate to students, especially students entering the health care field, the caveat we all learn as nurses; a little blood goes a long ways.  To wit, a six  ounce glass of wine toppled while at the edge of the counter managed to splatter half the kitchen floor linoleum with a star burst shaped Rorschach inkblot.  In addition it soaked both of my bedroom slippers, splattered the front of a base cabinet door, the front and top edge of the brand new dish washer, the bottom 1/3 of the refrigerator door, the wall of the door opening, and oh yes, soaked the left leg of my blue jeans and left a smaller sample on the right leg.  (Anyone know how to get red wine stain out of blue jeans?)  Even better, the glass remained intact on the counter, and not a drop hit the carpet adjoining the kitchen linoleum.

Second, my thoughts turned to getting this mess sopped up as quickly as possible with a fist full of paper towels.  Surprisingly, 98% came up leaving no stain behind.  The remainder was easily cleaned up with my Swiffer wet mop.  It even worked on the door surfaces of the frig., dish washer and cabinet.  Probably not the best impetus to mop the floor but none-the-less the floor got a good cleaning.

If there is any down side to this little incident was the fact that 6 ounces of perfectly good Merlot got sopped up with paper towels instead of titillating my taste buds.  The glass was replenished let me assure you.


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