Thursday, January 02, 2014

January: resolution month. Or Word of the year for 2014

For a few years I've noticed some of my on-line acquaintances take the time during the first days of a new year to pick "A Word."  A word to guide them throughout the coming year; to be their stimulus to achieve the improved life they seek.

I look at that endeavor with the same sense of cynicism as I do the repetitive, yearly, act of making "New Year Resolutions."  It's a noble idea but, as so many failures to succeed have shown, more often than not,that the act of listing things you want to happen is about as far as it goes: putting words on paper is what is done.  The follow-up peters out in a few weeks.

I reflected on this "Word" as a guide to accomplishing my individual betterment and mulled it over of a number of minutes.  Esoteric words such as wholeness, savor, simplify are all well and good but seem to me to fall into the same column as NYR (new year resolutions). 

Without acting on the words, nothing changes, except that time marches on and no real personal change transpires.  With the exception that we get older and perhaps a little more cynical.

So for me, as I reflected on my successful physical and mental transformation over the past year, what word or words would exemplify how those changes came about. 

Without action all the best intentions remain just that; thoughts to be mulled and conjured.  But to feel accomplishment I need to see and feel the results. so my word for the year is Action.

You want to be slim, trim and fit?  Eat less, take in fewer calories and concomitantly burn more calories by moving; contracting all your muscle groups.  Curb your negative thoughts and actively replace them with their opposites, both mentally and verbally. Put your thoughts into action even as they pop into your awareness.

Ok, now it's your turn.  What word do you pick to be your guide to a better you for 2014?


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