Saturday, January 04, 2014

Letters; it's writing too, yes?

Hey Jule,
Fortunately, for travel considerations, my surgery schedule was light and I was able to leave after one c-section.  Got to apt. at 0930 and we were packed up and on the road by 1130.
We got home, without incident, about 1530.  No weather in the form of precip, but plenty cold; -8 when we got to Morristown.  The ice was gone off the trees and we only got an additional 3" - 4" if snow.  In Dansville we got, probably, 7" or so.
I know what you mean about the wood-stove; nothing like it when the thermometer drops into the minuses.  Ours is more a piece of furniture theses days, used only in case of emergency like a power outage.  It is fully functional and the wood shed is well stocked; not for a whole winter but we could heat for a few weeks with what we have should the need arise.

Sounds like you guys got a lion's share of the snow!!!  Diane was pondering why you guys don't own a four wheel drive automobile when your winter history is one of many feet of snow.

Diane, Jane and I went to the Bedrock for dinner last night.  The place was packed and there were only two waitresses and an inexperienced bartender.  The regular bartender called in, and I suspect that the owner, Wendy, didn't expect such a large crowd on such a frigid night.  To their credit, the two girls did a great job and it looked like no customers had to wait too long for service.

Weather service reports some warming for the weekend up your way and then back to winter next week.  You guys have amazing fortitude to manage the tremendous snowfall you get each winter.

Jane is doing much better since coming under Diane's care.  We refuse to coddle her and therefore she is gaining back some independence in everyday skills.  I doubt that she will ever regain the ability to live independently again but you never know.  She managed the 3 flights of stairs at the apt. Alright; even after we went out to Jack's Gaslight Grill for New Year's Eve dinner.  Diane is taking her down to Florida for the last two weeks of January.  Mainly to see and say goodby to friends down there.  Not sure what the future holds for Jane, but we'll manage one day at a time and encourage her to do as much for herself as she can.

Okay, time to fold the laundry, put the towels in the dryer for a little longer.  Then put the oatmeal on to simmer.
Have a cozy day around the wood stove. :-)

Love ya,


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