Sunday, April 26, 2015

When little things hold you back

The week wore on and I resolved to run a long run of 13 miles on Saturday in my preparation for a half marathon in four weeks.

Saturday morning dawned at 28 degrees Fahrenheit; too cold, for me, to embark on a training run.  With a forecast that promised low 50s later in the day I decided to get some chores done around the yard while waiting for the air to warm up.  One thing leading to another and pretty soon it is nearing 2 o'clock in the afternoon; two hours after my, self imposed, deadline to start a 3 hour run.  And still the temp was only 49.

"It's now or never. So I'll miss lunch.  Probably smart since we're going out for supper and I'll more than likely eat a day's worth of calories."

I don my running tights, long sleeve, cold weather, running shirt, running cap, and my new running shoes that I'd brought with me from Dansville. I strap my Garmin Forerunner GPS to my wrist, turn it on and walk out the door ready to "do this."  As I'm strolling across the porch I glance at my shoes and notice that they don't match.  "Are you kidding me!"  I'd picked one new and one old shoe from the closet at 0300 before the 3 1/2 drive home and just ass-u-me-d I'd taken my new pair.  [@&""$/(#%}!!!!!
"OK, not that big a deal. Suck it up butter-cup."
Standing in the drive waiting for the Garmin to find a satellite. Sometimes it takes a few minutes at this location.  After a few minutes I notice that the GPS doesn't seem to be searching any longer.  Attempt to turn it off fails.  No matter what button I push the screen stays frozen.  "Really?" I bring it inside and plug it into the charger; no change, still frozen up.

I'm discouraged; many little things are conspiring to make me think that, perhaps I should rethink running a long run on this day.  Oh, did I mention I don't like long runs and only do them because I know without diligent continuous training there will be no finishing a marathon or even a half for that matter.

I argue mentally and out loud with the "don't run" gremlin in my head, and finally decide, after sage advice and encouragement from my wife, to just do a five mile run.  "You'll feel better if you do some miles," she says.

So, with mismatched shoes, a phone gps (whose battery rarely stays charged for more than 8 miles,) a vest and gloves to block the wind blowing frigid river temps into my face, off I start down the hill, resolved to get a five mile run in.

By the time I reach the mile mark I'm feeling like a million bucks.  I'm running far too fast for me, but it feels so good.  Besides I only have two speeds; running or walking.  I decide to run/walk at a 3:1 ratio to slow myself down.  At the 3 mile mark I think, "shit, I could do 13 today easily,  well not easily, but 11.5 easily and then slog out the last 1 1\2.  Too late now but if I do the river loop in the park, I can get 7 miles in.  "Go for it!""

It was't 13, but better than a stick in the eye.  I'm feeling good and my legs are telling me that a fast 7 is almost as good as a slow 13.

We did dine out and my reward for doing a long run was poutine, a black and blue bacon cheese burger and washed down with a maple porter.

Update on the Garmin; I had decided to shit-can the device, it is 10 years old, and get a new one.  A Google search showed me that anew one, at cheapest, would run about $250.00. I left it on the table over night. This morning I pick it up along with the charger cable with the intent of tossing them into the trash. I notice that the here-to-fore frozen screen is blank. I push the on button and the screen comes alive with the message; battery needs charging. Voila, my Garmin gps is back in the game. And just to clarify; yesterday when I turned it on it said 7 hours of battery left.

Moral of the story; don't let the little things deter you from striving to meet your goals.


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