Friday, May 01, 2015

Lunch with the cousins part II

In March of this year my cousin Janet texted me, inviting me to a luncheon at her home.  She considerately had thought that it would be a good opportunity for some of the Rochester area cousins and I to meet and reacquaint if not meet for the first time.  Knowing that I would probably be traveling back to Dansville from Morristown on a Sunday afternoon, and her home was on my way, she suggested we get-together this past April 26th.  I agreed and the date was set.

As I alluded to in my last post, Rochester has been a magnet for my family for at least 3 generations.  To wit, my sister Julie, and her husband, has lived in the area for most of her adult life.  She mentioned that the "cousins" hold these get-togethers often, and I'm happy to be included.

My GPS routed me differently than my Google search had suggested, and just as well, because it took me by way of the back roads and off the interstate.  It was a much more pleasant drive and, in fact, got me to Mark and Janet's house a few minutes earlier than the thruway route predicted.

In short order, give or take a few minutes either side of the three o'clock established date, everyone had arrived. The list of people in attendance:
1. Mark and Janet Mahoney Gregor ( Janet is my 1C1R) first cousin once removed. (daughter of Bob and Eileen Mahoney {1C }Reiss)
2. Michele Mahoney and Rick Dejonge. (Michele is my 1C1R) daughter of my first cousin Bill Mahoney.
3. Julie McCarthy (My sister) daughter of Bob and Millie LaRock
4. Bob Reiss and Shirley (Bob Married my 1C Eileen Mahoney and is dad to Janet, Bob, and {Bill; Not in attendance})
5. Bob and Kathleen Reiss (Bob is My 1C1R) son of Bob and Eileen Mahoney Reiss and Janet's brother.
6. Robin and Alex Mirzaoff (Robin is my 1C1R) daughter of my first cousin Tom Mahoney.
7. Pat Saricen Mahoney (Pat married my first cousin Tom Mahoney)
8. Tricia Mahoney (Geisler?) (Tricia is my 1C1R) daughter of my first cousin Tom Mahoney and Pat Saricen.
9. Mary Kay LaRock SSJ ( my first cousin) daughter of my uncle Tom and Mary LaRock.
10. Moi.

Most of those who came I had met only once or twice in my life time, and those occasions were either funerals and birthdays.  The exceptions, of course, my sister Julie, and first cousin Mary Kay LaRock.

Michele brought Aunt Hellen's photo albums and we spent a goodly portion of our time going over these and trying to fit pieces of our genealogical history together. Lots of fun exchanging stories.

The food was scrumptious; everyone, it seems, contributed a dish and Janet had ordered Subs.  There was no reason to leave hungry.

I look forward to more of these get-togethers.  It makes the family history real as opposed to just names on paper in a genealogy.


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