Thursday, May 28, 2015

the letter "M"

Simple things make simple minds?


Julius Hare says: "The GREATEST TRUTHS are the simplest…

Through pathways of the mind and the free association there-of :  We have a new restaurant in my home-of-record named Ella's, after the proprietors' mother, Ella Mae.  One day past, preparing for a case in the OR I took out an airway tool I was planning to use called an "LMA."

Get it?  Ella Mae/LMA......
I know, you wonder, what the hell is he trying to get at?  Nothing more than this; when I see an LMA from now on, I'll think of the restaurant In Morristown and then the owner's mother with whom I served on the local historical society.  And when I see the sign on Ella's I'll think of the airway adjunct, LMA.

Okay, you say, but where does "M" come into play?  M is in the middle of the alphabet, Mae is the middle name, and M is the middle letter in LMA. 


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