Friday, July 17, 2015

Peaceful co-existence

It's a sunny day at the river's edge. A brisk wind from the north, a skosh too cool, makes sitting in the sun imperative; especially if sitting quietly, reading a book.  As the shade from the cedars crept further and further, finally, covering the entire table at which I was sitting, reading, I decided to move to a warmer place; back out of the wind and again in the sun.  The break prompted me to detour into the cottage to fix myself a sandwich, pepper jack cheese on wholewheat rounds, slathered with spicy mustard, and take it with me to my sunny perch.  Basking, gnoshing, reading, movement in my peripheral vision distracts my attention to a scampering, hopping chipmunk scurrying past, within inches of my left foot.  This cute little critter made the back and forth trip numerous times, stopping one time, 2 inches from the side of my foot, to look up and stare into my eyes, as if to say in his best chipmunk ,Oliver Twist, voice; please, sir, could you share a morsel, if you please?  I spoke to him in my gentlest voice; "I'm sorry pal, you've come late to the table, and I've not a crumb left to share."

Reflecting on this encounter, I'm reminded at how many wild-life creatures come and co-reside with us here on our small patch of Mother Earth, for a season. With amazing frequency we see: birds: crows, robins, waxwings,sparrows, chickadees, grackles, sea-gulls, terns, cormorants, osprey, blue heron, tree heron, king fisher, and loons.  Some of these visitors are attracted to the feeder kept supplied with easy forage.  As well, furry creatures abound: rabbits, mink, ground-hogs, deer, fox, raccoons (not yet this season,) chipmunks, and meadow moles.

As the years pile up in memory lane, it seems to me, that these inhabitants have become less timid, in some cases actually friendly.

Let's not ignore some of the pesky biters: mosquitoes, red cedar mites, and spiders.

It all adds up to a pleasant R&R close to home.


Blogger Churlita said...

I love to watch the critters in my backyard. One morning a fawn came over and grabbed our birdfeeder in her mouth and started greedily sucking the sunflower seeds out of it.

4:55 PM  

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