Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dreaming vs reality

It's easier to put off 'til tomorrow.
At 6 AM tomorrow I'll go for a long run, and see how far I  can go.
At noon I hit the pavement with low energy.
At mile two my right calf cramps up. Stretch it out. No relief.  Keep going, I think, maybe it'll subside.

Earlier in the morning I email my daughter with whom I'm supposed to run the MCM a month away.
"Good Morning "Chelle,
I'm sorry to say, I'll be sitting out the 40th MCM.  Go ahead and cancel my hotel room.
Your mother's surgery being only 2 weeks before is a convenient excuse for me, but in truth, I have neglected to stay true the training necessary to complete the marathon.  While I can still run a 1/2, the full is in a whole different category."

More than anything, I'm a dreamer. Somehow I think I can still complete the race.  Today's run will tell me the truth.

In May we ran the Buffalo half; my training was on track and I finished well.   Come the end of August we were signed up to run an 18 mile race in Sackett's Harbor.  My training lagged enough for me to accept my inability to clock that distance, so I downgraded to the half.  My performance was good enough to give me hope;  I can still get in sufficient shape to complete the marathon the end of October.

I failed to put mind over matter. A, persistent, dry hacking cough for 3 months, too many cigars, expanded work hours, failure to adjust my time to move my training runs to early morning, allowed me to neglect what I knew would lead to insufficient training.  But, I'm a dreamer who believes in miracles.

Shit or get off the pot Bobby!    I ran 3 miles to the park, hiked 6 miles in the park, ( a great leg work out btw)  and ran 3 miles back.  I'm exhausted, legs drained of ATP, I hit the wall at 12 miles.  Good decision to sign off on a looming marathon run.  I'm disappointed, but hardly surprised.

Persist in my dreaming, run the marathon; at best I'd not make the cut off times. At worst, I'd collapse half way through and who knows.......

Do the work or sit the bench.

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Blogger Churlita said...

I've never done a marathon before. The closest I've come is a 25K trail race I do every year. I've done it well trained and then one year I did it poorly trained...That's all I needed as a reminder to train well before a long race. The beauty part, is there is always another marathon out there.

3:10 PM  

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