Monday, September 21, 2015

Living the dream.

I'm asleep, dreaming.  Dreaming that a co-worker has asked me to cover their call 'til 0200, and I agreed.  As the dream progresses there are bizarre scenerios involving wandering around back stairways, construction areas, and even some OR work.  Brining, the phone rings, in the dream state, I answer and the voice says, "we need you for a case."  Opening my eye a wink, I look at the clock and see 0130.
Next, I'm wide awake, in real time, thinking, shit, I've got a case. For a moment, filled with urgency, every nerve and fiber tingling, breathing short gasps, it dawns on me after a few moments; it was a dream Bob.  Was it really?  Are you sure?
Reality, I'm standing beside my bed.  The clock reads 0133.  And I realize, I didn't agree to take anyone's call.

Crawling under the sheets, I fall into renewed slumber.


Blogger Churlita said...

At least you were able to get to sleep after that AND you didn't have to go into work. Dreams can be so weird sometimes...

1:10 PM  

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