Friday, January 08, 2016

Arrived in Florida

Good afternoon,
We arrived around 8 pm last night.  Our neighbor,Kathleen, did some shopping for us so we'd have some food; wine, cheese, baguette,homemade soup, eggs, oatmeal, coffee creamer, and a bouquet of flowers.  Good thing too, because just like last year, the car battery was dead. (It's off to the garage today for a charge.)
Unpacked the boxes Diane had sent down earlier, charged the water lines, made the bed and crawled in, exhausted. Temp was a comfortable 62.

Woke up at 0430 to a devine gentle rain which gave way to a bright sunny morning by 1000.  Current temp is 80+.

Cleaned the lanai, called the garage to come get the car, and we finished getting house settled.  When Diane tried to boil some eggs, the stove burners only achieved a lukewarm status.  After I set up and lit the Weber.  Then I checked the breaker box.  I didn't do that first because the stove lights were on and some heat was being produced.
Seems the "range" has 4 breaker switches, one of which was off.  Flipped that one to on position and voila; a fully functional stove.  :-)

After lunch I'll bicycle to Walgreens to augment our meager supplies, unless, of course, the garage calls to say the car is ready for pickup.  In that case, we'll bum a ride from Kathleen. Then it'll be off to the car wash and then to Super Walmart.

Love you,


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