Thursday, July 06, 2017

Zen time of day

Waiting for the coffee to finish perking, I gaze at the shimmering surface of the early morning river.

A lone goose floats, motionless, as if moored twenty or so feet off shore from our boat launch.

Curious.  A lone goose?  Lost its mate, it's family?
Remarked just yesterday about the absence of the twice daily passing of the geese troop; up river in the morning and returning at dusk; going who knows where.

I examine the river's edge as well as the neighbors lush lawn. No sign, no movement to indicate other life.

Then she comes, his mate, seemingly out of the ether.  She swims ever so slowly to him who is firmly anchored. She gets approval to approach the shore.

Each, slowly, oh so imperceptibly slowly begin to get closer to the edge of the boat launch.

I unlock and open the noisy door and step out on to the cool dew moistened lawn. The two visitors halt their advance, turn and with slow determination, move out toward open water.

Out of the corner of my eye, movement on the neighbor's lawn.  A gaggle of 12 to 15 geese waddle to the sea wall and jump into the water and soon join the two "scouts" I had seen reconnoitering our feeding grounds.

Ahhh, the coffee is done.
               The Blue Heron glides by;
             A few feet above the glassy surface.
A gull dives. Emerging with crayfish firmly clasped in it's beak.

The Zen time of day.


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what a lovely scene

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