Wednesday, June 19, 2019

River life

Finally made it to spend the night at the camp by the River’s edge.  We are about 3 weeks late; what with the cool spring nights and rising river levels,  but still here we are enjoying one of my favorite times at camp; the hours between 4 AM and 6AM.  Especially this morning with cloudless sky to view, unobstructed, the hugely full Strawberry moon as it migrated in a westerly direction being chased by the sun rise in the east,
As a bonus, around 5 Am, I watched as a mother fox trotted along the sea wall from Bonnie’s to Nancy’s. And then at 0530 catch the skittish Blue Herron land just this side of the wall and stealthily tiptoe to the wall’s edge to peer endlessly into the water seeking breakfast.

I love calm, brisk, early mornings by the river.


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