Saturday, April 04, 2020

Czar Cuomo

Over the entire course of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s reign as political leader of New York State I have disagreed with his policies nearly 100%.  That said, in the current Covid 19 crisis, I think he has presented his and by extension our case as well as anyone can.  The problem that trips him up time and time again is when he allows his alter ego,”Michael Corleone” to emerge and run roughshod over all other NYS governmental and private entities.

The enormity of the crisis in the NYC metro area is mind boggling.  Everyone, including our president, Donald J. Trump, are doing everything in their power to help NY and the Governor ameliorate this overwhelming dilemma.

You may have noticed his conciliatory tone to the president when asking for help.  Never did I witness him threaten the president with his marshal law tactics, saying he would commandeer federal resources to aid NYC.

And that is why he has invoked the wrath of upstate Citizens, as well as politicians.  If only he has asked upstate facilities to send what they could spare without short-handing their own needs the response would have been wholehearted support.

Sending the overflow of Covid 19 patients upstate is obviously counter to the federal mitigation/social distancing regulations.  But, and that’s a big but, If I were in the Governor’s position I think I’d have to do the same thing.  If i were to do anything different I would try to get upstate hospital officials to offer to take the overflow.

Don’t be ham fisted “Michael Corleone.”  Be conciliatory, contrite, and ask, not demand, help.  You did get it right when you said; “we New Yorkers help each other.”

Altruism is easier from the couch than it is from the front lines where the nurse, respiratory therapist, doctor, nurses aide, and housecleaning staff are trying to save your relatives from drowning in their own secretions unable to get a breath of air and knowing that without proper ppe they too may well fall victim to the dreaded virus.  And all the while knowing that yesterday you had adequate equipment and gear but not today because the Governor commandeered it.  Cuomo doesn’t want to make life and death decisions, but doesn’t hesitate to drop that choice on health care facilities in your hometown.


Blogger The Farmer said...

I remember as though it were yesterday reading Orwell's "Animal Farm" and "1984" in the early sixties and thinking that, yes, it could happen. Now, after fifty years of public school indoctrination has created a compliant demographic here in this People's Progressive Paradise the media has been able to create a largely unrealistic panic, causing otherwise reasonable and intellegent folks to allow what amounts to a tin horn dictator to run roughshod over the entire State. Cuomo's behavior is no more than one would expect of any dictator, and certainly true to his heritage.

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