Saturday, April 11, 2020

Mind reading ether-net

When you hear comments about the internet’s ability to read your mind, do you agree, or like me, immediately put such ideas off to conspiracy theories or sci-fi imaginings?

And then something happens to make you question your belief that it’s all hokey folderol.

After returning from the local super walmart, where, saints preserve us, they had umpteen gazillion packages of paper towels and toilet paper, I was in the bathroom washing my hands, for the 27th time since I got up 2 hours ago, listening to Diane (my wife’s name is Diane😂) relate what she was considering to prepare for tomorrow’s Easter dinner; ham, mashed potatoes, cabbage salad....  Wait, I think; and I go on thinking that scalloped potatoes would be nice, but nary a word escapes my mouth, not wanting to get saddled with the task of preparing scalloped potatoes.  So out of my mouth come the words; “that sounds perfect.”

Fast forward an hour.  We are seated around the glass topped table in the Florida room; Diane (my wife, remember?) is paying bills and getting her new iPad  programmed to sync with the bank and create some new online banking arrangements.  Me?  Well I’m perusing the internet, looking up some bills that might be due and relaying that info to Diane (yup, my wife),) and reviewing material for my upcoming Lakeside Club BOD meeting next Tuesday.  Diane relates, that while bill paying, a Pinterest  email pops up saying, “you may be interested in the following recipe; ham and scalloped potatoes.”
Diane (yup) says, “what do you think of having scalloped potatoes for dinner tomorrow?”

So I ask you, who read my mind? Seri, Alexa, the TV, my android phone, Diane?  

Be careful out there my friends; keep you thoughts jumbled.


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