Friday, February 05, 2021

CT scan of pelvis (2/4/2021)


Following up on my last post.  I received a call from the radiology (RAVE) clinic verifying my appointment for the CT scan Thursday morning.  They iterated the pre-procedure protocol; nothing to eat or drink 3 hours prior to procedure except water up to time of scan for hydration.  When she said the scan was with contrast I said that the office (Jenn) had said without contrast.  She verified and agreed that it was scheduled without contrast.  She reviewed the timeline; arrive at facility (Happens to be in same building as my urologist’s office) at 0840 to complete paper work, permissions etc, and to bring my deductible; $198.47.  The procedure was scheduled for 0900.

Being a habitual early arriver  for appointments, I arrived at the facility at 0820 and strolled around the back side looking for suite 116, and in short order located the entrance. Entering, I was met by Nicole and went through the covid 19 question protocol as well as having my temperature measured.  Nicole then said “ our policy is to have you wait in your car and we will call you when we’re ready for you.  Is you car right out back here?”  “No,” I said.  “It’s out front.”  “Ok” she said.  “Make sure your phone’s ringer is turned up.”

I wasn’t in my car 5 minutes when my phone rang and the voice said “Mr. LaRock, this is Nicole, you can come back now.”

When I entered the waiting room I was met by a different receptionist who began the questioning process again when Nicole spoke up from across the room and behind the desk area saying, “I’ve got him over here.”

I proceeded to the counter where, with Nicole’s guidance, I filled out the required paperwork and wrote a check out for $198.47 for my deductible.  She then said, “have a seat and the radiology tech will be out to get you shortly.”

I was in the process of lowering myself into a chair, barely touching the seat with my backside, when Barbara, the radiology tech, called my name and led me into the CT room. After a few perfunctory questions I laid myself on the CT scanner bed and the procedure commenced, taking just a few minutes.

Done.  I left the parking lot at 0848.   

Pretty darn efficient I’d say!  The times noted are particularly pertinent to a post on one of my other blogs.


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