Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Incidentalomas; CT findings; both expected and unexpected.


When you go to the doctor expect them to find something wrong with you.  If you go to a medical doctor they’ll prescribe  a medicine for you. If you visit a surgeon they will recommend surgery to fix your problem.  If you visit radiology they will find some defect internally.  It’s what the do; they feel obligated to discover a disability and they will prescribe their solution based on their specialty.

As I discussed in a previous post; I went for a CT scan on February 4th, 2021  to investigate possible reasons for a recurrent swelling of my right scrotum following a surgical hydrocelectomy on 16 December, 2020.

Yesterday; 17 February, 2021 I went to my urologist’s, Dr Martz, office to review the results of the CT scan and to evaluate the renewed swelling and discuss options going forward.

On that front the choices are to wait a few more months or to proceed now with another surgery for orchiectomy.  He said that sometimes it takes 6 months for the swelling to diminish.  “My choice,”says he. Not a fan of general anesthesia for myself, I chose to wait until April and decide then about surgery.  We did agree that spinal would be an acceptable choice.

The CT scan results were predictable in regard to my urological condition: enlarged prostate, BPH, bilateral hydrocelectomy moderate to large in size. The bladder is unremarkable in appearance.

Other findings unrelated to my reason for having a pelvic CT scan: 1. Degenerative changes in the hips left greater than right. 2. Bilateral pars defect a L5-S1 with grade 2 out of 4 anterior subluxation of L5-S1. Atherosclerotic changes and degenerative changes.

Wait, you say I’ve got a broken back?  Seriously?  But I have no symptoms; no pain, no limitations to my activity level, (I play pickleball 6 days a week.).  In addition I walk 3 to 5 miles daily with no pain or discomfort in my hips. In addition to findings that we could reasonably expect we get a report of somethings totally unrelated and with no symptoms.  And so it goes.


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