Tuesday, August 17, 2021

PCP follow-up phone conversation


Yesterday afternoon, following the morning's dobutamine stress test and echocardiogram, I received a call from my PCP  to discuss the results.

He said he had discussed the results with the cardiologist, Dr. Geetanjli Sangwan, and that she had suggested a follow-up cardiac catheterization.  I like Dr. Jaitly and respect his abilities as a top notch physician.  One of the things I like most is his manor of discussing what our options are and asking how I wish to proceed.  He never pushes one option over another other than to point out the  customary path for many.

I shared with him my, always overriding, concern in doing interventions without symptoms to warrant procedures just based on previous "tests.;  this is not a new exchange between us, i.e. statins to control cholesterol.

Since the echo was normal throughout with an ejection fraction of 60%, and all V/S were stable even at a sustained heartrate of 133, (110% of predetermined test rate) and that the ST wave depression on the EKG recovered quickly with a reduction in my  heartrate while I objectively experienced no ill effects; no pain or discomfort anywhere and no unusual changes physically, I suggested holding off on any further tests or intervention such as coronary artery catheterization.

He agreed. He thinks it is a safe  way to proceed and if any symptoms reflecting cardiac compromise occur down the line we'll reevaluate our options and proceed from there.


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Good luck with this. I hope you don't have to do anymore.

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