Sunday, December 19, 2021

Christmas in Texas


Last night (12/18/2021) Bobby and I went to a Christmas party at the home of co-workers of Bobby from DEA.

I know, I know; a graduation and 3 Christmas parties in one week is a lot and it's not over; V., Hailey, and Crystal will all arrive next week!!! I'll need to return to Florida to get a rest. But I digress.
Theresa and Dave opened their beautiful home to a group of co-workers to celebrate Christmas and to recognize Bobby for his exemplary work with them over the past 6 years.

The piece de resistance capping off a wonderous array of delicious appetizers was desert self-cooked over their outdoor chimenea. Theresa called them "woof 'Ems.
Y'all may have had these, but they were new to me and a delightful cap to a special evening. The adults were as entertained as the kids when making these delicacies.
Theresa and Dave, hosts
Bobby and me
Kristen and Bob + 2 daughters
Sarah and Chris + daughter Sadie and baby
Linda + granddaughter
2 dogs; Chili (dachshund) and Wrigley (German Shepard)

Sunday was cookie baking day and Bobby outdid himself making gingerbread boys and sugar cookies galore.

Yesterday we went out to Mustang Island to see how the fishing was.  There were a dozen or so human fisherman and as many avian fishermen looking for leftover scraps.

 It was a chilly (50's) breezy walk on the Jetty and the Gulf was choppy.  We drove to Port Aransas and stopped at a wine bar, only to find it closed.  So, we drove a little further and found a delightful seafood restaurant, Tortuga's Saltwater Grill.  Laura was our server; friendly, outgoing and efficient.  I called her, besides Laura, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  Menu I had the shrimp and grits and Bobby ordered the crusted Red Fish.  Both were delicious.  Full, we passed on desert.  Bobby had a beer, and I sipped a 9-ounce red blend.

Tuesday the 21st. we did some Christmas gift wrapping and went to the mall to buy last minute gifts.  The salesgirl in Michel's perfume shop asked me if I, too, wanted to purchase perfume for my girlfriend.  I told Her, "I don't have a girlfriend." 
I said, "would you like to be my girlfriend?"
Her response, "At least you could bring me a cup of coffee."
I told her assistant, who was wrapping Bobby's gift, "at least she didn't say no!"
It was a fun exchange.
After bringing our shopping goods home it was time to truck to the airport to pick-up granddaughter #1, Hailey and her beau Alex who were arriving from North Carolina for the holiday.

Hailey with her dad, Bobby, and her cat, Bast, in the background.  Bast lives here in Texas with Bobby because Bast and Hailey's other cat don't get along.  I asked Hailey if she knew Bast's middle name?  she responded with a puzzled look, "no."  I said, "Ard."

After Hailey and Alex settled into their room, the cabin room, we headed out for supper.  We went to a Vietnamese restaurant "Hu-Dat" and had delicious repasts.

* All Star on the menu.

Yesterday, it was a 47-degree day in South Texas. Grandpa took advantage of the sun's warmth to catch a cat nap, accompanied by the cats, Bubba and Bast, not visible in photo.

Wednesday 12/22/21.  While Hailey and Crystal went shopping, Bobby repaired his lawn mower.  After the lawn mower was functional, Bobby and I made a shopping run ourselves, Sam's, Home Depot, and finally H.E.B. for the Christmas dinner supplies.  We also purchased a frozen lasagna for supper.  We returned home around 1615 and Hailey and Crystal arrived 15 minutes later.  While the lasagna was in the oven cooking Crystal, and I availed ourselves of an eggnog laced with Pilar rum.  Looking for games to play, the girls settled on a game played with the smart phone called "Head's Up" which is similar to charades.  After numerous rounds we broke out the UNO cards and played a couple hands until the lasagna was done.  Bobby heated up the garlic bread we'd bought to go with the lasagna.  After dinner Bobby brought up the movie "Solo."  I watched for a half hour or so and then said my goodnights and hit the sack.

Thursday 12/23/21.
I rode with Bobby to radiology and waited while he had an MRI of his shoulder.  

at 5:30 PM, Hailey drove Alex and I to the AMC theater where we met up with Crystal to see "Spiderman; no way home" @6 PM.

Friday, Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was spent preparing to celebrate Christmas with Hailey, Alex, and Crystal.  Veronica spent time wrapping gifts while Bobby and the kids did meal prep.  After dinner we opened gifts.

Crystal and Hailey open gift from grandma and grandpa LaRock

UTSA coffee mug for grandpa from Crystal and card from Michelle.

Veronica opens rice cooker from Hailey.

Gifts from Michelle, chocolate, amazon gift card, and a Navy Corpsman Tee.

New thermostat from Bobby to Dad.

Bobby opens YETI cup from Crystal.

Alex wearing toque from Veronica and Bobby with Rocky Mtn. emblem.  It also came with earrings.

Veronica opens rice cooker from Hailey.

Crystal wearing Santa glasses.

Veronica and Bobby look at gift and card from mom and dad.

Veronica smells perfume from Bobby.

Veronica and Bobby show NFL shirts.

Bobby's Bill's toque from Veronica.

Veronica opens blanket from Bobby.

Bobby carving prime rib for Christmas dinner.

Bobby, Veronica, Rose (Veronica's mom,) Mike (Veronica's stepdad, and Jose (Vs nephew.)


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