Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Embarkation SNAFU


Today, Wednesday 29 December, 2021 is embarkation day attempt two.  The original plan, with reservations, was to leave corpus Christi, Texas yesterday, 12/28/2021, enroute, via Houston, Texas, to Fort Meyers, Florida and ultimately back home in Englewood, Florida.  The flight was scheduled to leave Corpus at 1715. Monday afternoon at 1515 I received a text from United Airlines saying that my flight from Houston had been canceled due to staffing shortages.

at 1739 I received text messages from United and Expedia that I had been rebooked on the same itinerary for 12/29/2021.

Last evening, I tried to check-in for my "new" flights online but was thwarted a couple times prompting me to try a phone call to address this issue.  I should know better, but trying to keep a positive outlook, I tried.  After, unsuccessfully, trying to solve the problem with AI "it" finally offered to connect me to a real person.  Then "it" proceeded to inform me the wait to talk with a human would be at least an hour.  Reaching a high level of frustration, Bobby and I decided to drive to the Corpus Christi airport, a twenty-minute drive, and see if I could clear-up the SNAFU.

The United ticket counter was unmanned, but a man tagging baggage knocked on a door leading to the agents' room and an agent, named Tia, took my original paperwork for Tuesday's itinerary and in ten minutes, maybe less, handed me my boarding passes for both flights.  Voila, I thanked her profusely for her assistance.

Earlier in the day Bobby had to take an informant for a hearing at 1000.  When he returned, he said "let's go out for lunch."  First, we went to HU DAT only to find them closed until January 3rd.  Then we went to "Surf and Crab" to find that the only day of the week they are closed is......... you guessed it; Tuesday!  Finally, we decide on La Playa Mexican Restaurant.

Bobby ordered a Fajita and Tea, while I had the shrimp taco and a merlot.  Our waitress' name was Sandra, and I only mention her because of her magnificently done make-up.  While certain she is Mexican, at first, I thought she was a geisha.

On our return from the airport to clear up my reservation rebooking we stopped for supper at Pizza place near Bobby's house.

Laura was our waitress, and we ordered a half dozen wings and a white pizza.  Everything was delicious but the pizza could have had more garlic for my taste.

Before I forget again to mention it; Bobby and I went for 45-minute, early morning, walks around his neighborhood on both Monday and Tuesday.

Here's hoping today's flight plans go as scheduled!


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