Monday, December 27, 2021

Holiday comes to an end.

 Sunday 26 Dec. 2021

Hailey, Alex and I went to the seawall on Corpus Christi waterfront and took a short walk.  We stopped for gas on the way home.  Crystal stayed at the house with Bobby so she wouldn't get sweaty walking the seawall.

Bobby and I took V to airport so she could catch a flight (1000) back to Denver.

the girls, Alex, Bobby and I watched football until I took a nap.  Before napping I said goodby to Hailey, Crystal and Alex.

Crystal drove her Jeep back to San Antonio.  Hailey and Alex are staying with Loraine until they fly out Tuesday morning to North Carolina.

Bobby and I finished off the prime rib and had a salad that we'd forgotten to mix for Saturday's dinner, and watched football games 'til bedtime.


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