Wednesday, April 13, 2022

It's OK


A lifetime ago two saplings briefly transplanted in a foreign land

Their roots entwined in a primative hostel on an island 

She whispered; “ It’s OK.”

Instantly a band of love, to last all of their lifetime entwined his heart

Not constrictive nor restricting but a cocoon of encompassing passion

A time capsule to be rediscovered decades in the future.

A parting gift of seeds of grass imbedded on a yarn wrapped card, framed

Would be his link to remind him of their bond

Even as they drifted along different paths to build new and fulfilling lives.

Over that thread of ardor, seemingly impossible, a reconnection through the ether

Holding each other’s invisible hands, exchanging tentative remembrances

Hoping the roots of their aging trees can one more time say, It’s OK.


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