Tuesday, October 18, 2022

A half bubble off level; physically.

Good morning. The weather still sucks and I'm feeling slightly unwell, as in a half bubble off level; though more physical than mental. My malaise is probably related to my sinuses but the symptoms are not clear cut. Last Saturday, the 15th, I awakened at 0345. When I glanced at the clock the digital read out was flickering up and down uncontrollably. This persisted for less than a minute. I felt "off" for most of the morning but back to normal for the rest of the day. I had dinner with Leigh and Karen Sunday evening and explained my "vague" symptoms to him and he suggested checking my B/P. Last night I had a repeat of the visual disturbance. This time I noted that it occurred when I turned over, i.e. changed my head position. This presentation is what points toward sinus but could be other things such as inner ear. Now that I'm upright, drinking coffee, writing coherently, my symptoms are best described as: mild sinus pressure, mild nausea, slightly off balance, and general unease. We'll see how It goes today.


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