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All things pass in time


                                            2011 Adirondak 90 miler

The impermanence of life can be both a source of happiness and disappointment.  Many moons ago, it seems like a lifetime or only yesterday, Leigh came into my life through our jobs; he an OB/GYN doctor and my role as a nurse anesthetist.  We soon become best friends.  Of course, Leigh makes it easy to befriend because of his amiable and affable personality.  We've shared many times together doing the mundane to spectacular adventures like hiking 100-kms of the Camino de St. Jacques in Spain to leisurely dinners as well as Thanksgiving feasts.  Leigh is a sharer, a giver.  Of our many endeavors, one of the most enduring is the 13 years we participated in the 3-day challenge of the Adirondak 90-miler canoe/kayak race.  so many faux-pas and mishaps along the way have made for innumerable stories told and retold between ourselves as well as with family and friends.

Over the, too quickly, passing years we shared the growth and successes of our kids and grandkids.  Again, so many stories to remember, such as helping his daughter Katie rescue adrift kayaks during a hailstorm on the St. Lawrence River, Leigh teaching my grand-daughter, Crystal to play the banjo, and never to forget; hiking/camping at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch in New Mexico with Karen (Leigh's wife) and their son Sky, and Katie too.  We also share a background of military service with the U.S. Navy.  Both Leigh and I served and as well, all of our children are either still on active duty with the Navy (Sky and Katie) or are veterans of Navy service (Bobby and Michelle.)  Michelle was/is a U.S. Marine, but in case you are unaware, the Marine Corps is a part of the Navy.

We've been on a Carribean cruise together and Karen and Leigh have visited casa Larock in Florida numerous times, though not since hurricane Ian.

Last night, after my return from Florida, the 3 of us (Karen, Leigh, & myself,) dined together at the Ironhorse Grill to catch up on what has happened over the winter with our respective lives.

Much to my surprise I was informed that Leigh has decided to retire (end of June, next month,) and is currently in the process of selling their home and have already rented a home in /near Portsmouth, Virgina for the next 2 years to be near their daughter Katie while she completes her residency.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  I knew he had been considering retirement over the last couple of years but shazam, this decision, once made, let no grass grow under their feet.

And "so it goes" as Kurt Vonnegut would say.  To say I'm happy for them would be an understatement, but I wonder what the future holds for our times together.  Selfish, I know!  Nothing lasts forever. I look forward to navigating this next chapter in our relationship. They are still keeping their cottage on the shore of the St. Lawrence River so I'm confident that there will be opportunities to add to our list of get-togethers and adventures.  Last night we even discussed a kayak or canoe trip up the Rideau.  And who knows maybe a visit to Virgina is in the cards for me in the near future.

Old adages are old for a reason; the truths they impart: "nothing last forever."  "The more things change, the more they remain the same."

Grab the reins of life and ride like the wind, leave nothing undone for too soon the ride stops.

                                                                          Hiking the Camino.


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