Friday, June 23, 2006

Another beautiful day is dawning. Do you get the impression thatmornings are my best time? It's a walk and strngth day. Vitals: 66F, 75% humidity. 5mph nnw. The birds are singing their morning welcome to the sun god. Le riv is a little ripply today, but not rough by any means.


I sent a birthday greeting to my bro a few minutes ago. He turned 51 on Tues. I'm late with greetings more than not. I am usually late wishing my sister Happy Birthday (she was born on my 12th b'day). She on the other hand is never late with any card for anything. Not a good reflexion on me for sure!


Yesterday's coffee is pretty tasty this AM. There is an interesting article in the NYT this morn about buying a pied de terre in France,(Paris in Particular). Cost in Paris, depending on arrondisement, runs fron 700+ to 1025 Euros/foot. Of course these are just vacation homes and you rent them out by the week or so the rest of the year. Unless I win the lottery, I'll be renting rather than buying. Which remindsm, I have to stop today and get a lottery ticket. High odds, but no buy, no win.


Next phase of the day: ;-)

And, also, yesterday tended the flowers and trimmed the grass at the cemetery.


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