Thursday, June 15, 2006

Day is done. The bed beckons. Accomplished all planned tasks today, but no kayaking. The day was warm and sunny, but as long as the sun shone on the river it was too rough for a pleasure paddle. It's calm and serene now as it was this morn.


Went to the house in m'twn, petted and fed the pussy-cats. Cleaned the litter boxes. Opened the porch for them. I cleaned out the purple myrtle under the linden tree and then spread 4 bags of cedar mulch underneath; Looks much improve (more aesthetic.) Took the weed whip to the area between the grape vines. Wow, what an over grown mess, but I made some good progress and it'll need further follow-up soon; maybe this weekend :-) I inflated the wheel barrow wheel (seems to deflate every year.) I cleaned and filled the garden fountain and put the figurine atop it. Straightened out the hose. Fixed myself a cheese sandwich at home (no other choices). Then went to cemetery in 'burg to install border pieces around flower bed at mom and dad's stone. And it looks really good. Watered eveything (10 trips to the well). Onto Hacketts to buy some replacemet tools After 30 years the weed whip, pruning clippers, and garden cultivator bit the dust so to speak. All in all, they have served me well.


Supper alone, (turkey sandwhich and 2 glasses of chianti), Di to h2otwn for honda service. Talked to Michelle about Erin's sister, and the NYSANA golf fund raiser. E-mailed Kathy with Michelle's suggestions. Di home around eight. We shared our day, I took some photos, and now to bed to rest up for run and work tomorrow.


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