Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday, another beginning. The forecast is for rain for most if not all of the week. That taken into consideration, I decided not to bike to work this morning. No rain yet today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow I'll ride regardless.

Not everyday can be a great day. In the greater scheme of life my day was better than some and better than a lot of other peoples. That said, I have been plagued by an overriding feeling of fatique and general malaise all day. I got back to camp at around 1500 after going home to feed the cats and put the trash out. I was so tired, I lay down on the bed and promptly fell asleep and slept for 2+ hours.

When I got up, Tom was here to replace a burner on the stove that burned up during breakfast prep yesterday. As the evening wore on my level of energy has remained low. Perhaps it's the medicine I started taking friday. Wait and see.

On the upside; I walked and did strength training this AM at 0500. The shower washed the weekend scuz off and it felt good to scrape off the two day growth of whiskers. Breakfast was wholesome and satisfying. My patients did well. Looking forward to a better day tomorrow!


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