Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ran 4 miles in the pouring rain at 0500. Drove to work because of the rain, good thing I took along my umbrella---walking the 2 blocks to the hospital from the car I encountered severe driving rain. Certainly we are not experiencing the severity of rain and flooding south of us along the eastcoast. Here the lush greenery, flower beds,and lawns are a delight to look at. There are flood warnings for us.

I've read many of Michael Crichton's novels and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. As much as I admire him as an author, I'm sorely disappointed in his novel State of Fear. I believe that global warming is a fact. His book undermines efforts to find causes and solutions. Being intelligent doesn't make one smart.

Heavy with fatigue today; maybe stress, heat, and humidity. Slept from 1030 to 1530. Felt good during afternoon and evening.

After going home to get the mail, feed the cats, weed the garden, I raced this storm back to camp. Lot's of wind, and rain.


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Hi Remiman:-) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog...I hope you enjoyed it enough to come back for more visits!! Of course I couldn't resist coming to see yours and I must say I love the pictures you've posted!! Hope you don't mind if I come visit again:-)

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