Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A serendipitus day; short schedule and I'm on call tomorrow so first out. Left at 1030 and biked back to camp. The day was warm and sunny and I was tempted to slide my kayak into the river, but I resigned myself to the task of getting the garden planted at the house in m'twn. I'm glad I did, it's a good jop done. It's not the usual garden we've had for 31 years. This year I planted 1 dozen better boy tomatoes, 2 hills of cucumbers, and 3 hills of winter squash. Staying at camp prevents me from keeping the garden weed free. So, I only planted this year 'cause Diane wants to can some tomatoes this fall. We like winter squash and it keeps well, and Diane likes fresh cukes. For the last few years (basically, since the kids have moved on) the veg. garden is more of an aesthetic endeavor for me as opposed to providing food for the table. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the food produced, but the shape, form, and neatness became the goal. Sort of like a flower garden with vegetables.

Once I finished that task, I was still in the gardening mode and so decided to proceed to the cemetery in Ogd. ( the Larock plot in the french cemetery and put in the flowers for memorial day; two weeks late, Now it's done ;-))

Returned to camp at 1630. The river was calm and smooth. I E -mailed Diane to ask if she wanted me to wait for her to go kayaking. Diane got home at 1730 and we went for a 45 min 3 mile paddle with optimal conditions. Came in for supper, and while we were eating we looked out and the wind had picked up dramatically from the east the river was roiling. whew good choice to paddle before supper.

Now, at sunset the river is calm like a mirror. Alas, I'm to bed.


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