Saturday, June 24, 2006

Today is a peculiarly delightful day in face of the fact that yesterday( Friday the 23rd) was an extremely disappointing day. Although dinner with B&D and our comical interaction with our waitress, Josie was the bright spot in an otherwise pitiful day.
I've decided to keep this blog as upbeat and positive. Criticism, complaining, ranting and grumbling about the unfairness of life circumstances will be allocated to my "anger-management "blog.
Slept in 'til 0600 today.....too bad; the sunrise must have been spectacular. But the extra sleep was also. The river was smooth as glass and has remained so through-out all of the day, interupted only by the ripples and waves created by the numerous and varied water craft.

Previous plans for the day were shunted aside in favor of enjoying the paxil like effects of a long paddle on a quiet river.. I did partake of yesterday's coffee, reheated in the zapper-wave. Took my pills (asa 81s x2, vits., etc.), made and ate a peanut butter on whole wheat bread sandwich, checked my e-mail, and read some of my favorite blogs (if they had been updated).

As I exited the camp, sans equipment for the moment, the aura of the morning infused my being with serenity and peace. I noticed the neighbors youngest daughter out on their dock with a fishing line in the water. I wondered what she might do if she actually caught one......she eeks and shreiks when she encounters a minnow when wading in the water.

Suitably inspired, I returned to the camp to gather my gear and made for the river.

I entered the kayak and made it one with my body. As we easily glided into the water that reliable sense of calm relaxation filled every fiber of my being. At once, I was one with the universe. Paddleing down river, I encounter a number of folks fishing from docks and piers, and a few were in their boats. In one boat I thought I recognized one of the anglers. And , in fact it was a woman from the OB department at the hospital. Her husband, who was with her, Is an old high school classmate of mine. A little serendipity to add to a great beginning. Next, we (my kayak an I) turned into the bay that, in my youth, was the public bathing beach.


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