Saturday, June 10, 2006

The weekend is not conducive to enjoying camp. Friday the 9th of June , It rained all day. Diane and I went to the funeral home at 1730 to pay are respects to Letti at her mom's wake. Drove back to M'twn to meet the Potters for supper at the Lodge.

After diner we went to Potter's for coffee, home made apple turnovers, and chat. Don wants to do a combined (multi-sport, triathelon like) 100 mile endurance task this fall and asked me if I was interested in doing it with him. I said that I was definitely interested, but that I have never roller bladed. But, I'd do the biking, hiking, kayak portions. He suggested I could bike when he was roller blading. We'll see. Plan is for late sept. 2006. We left a little after 2200 and arrived back at the cottage at 2230. It was raining blowing and quite chilly. In the camp it was 50 degrees. Tom (landlord) came to door shortly after our return to inform us that the water line had broken and he was going to shut it off. So here we were in camp with no running water, it was cold and damp. The bed however felt delicious. Arose at 0600 to an inside temp of 50 degrees. Turned on the two electric heaters, made coffeee with bottled water, and checked my e-mail. In a bit it became apparent I would need to fetch river water to flush the toilet. Well I must have shoved my head up my butt to stem the egress of fecal matter and in so doing fogged my brain, because even with Diane's warning I walked to the wave ridden shore-line with socks and sandals on and my PJs down around my ankles! Yup :-) soaked socks, PJs soaked up to my knees! In any event, I made it to the tunder jug in time to avoid messing my self and had sufficient H2O to flush all into the septic tank..

We decide to return to the home base and get some chores done, ie; laundry, clean back room with cat litter boxes etc. , pay bills, go to post office, retrieve lunch fixin's from local quik stop ( windmill)

Diane put a small Turkey in the oven for supper. Me I'm writing in my blog.


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