Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I hope everyone had as relaxing and wonderful July 4th as we did here. The weather was grand, and the parade was up to it's usual standard. Saw some old friends from far away as well as current friends and neighbors. I spoke with the local newspaper editor and asked him if he could remember when Dunkin' Donuts located in Ogdensburg? He didn't remember one being there. I'm sure there was one here, but only for a short time (maybe a year or two) perhaps in the 1970's. It was replaced by the current Donut King.
Fire trucks, and highschool bands, politicians of every sort, pretty girls and fine old cars. Spectators--children all and horses at the end.

Daughter, Michelle at the new fire pit, getting ready to roast coconut marshmallows.


Blogger PEA said...

Loved looking at the pictures...sounds like it was a great parade!! The fire pit you have is the same as my neighbour just got last week:-) MMMMMM I love roasted marshmallows!!!

8:34 PM  

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