Sunday, July 09, 2006

Some work & a mini reunion.
Two/thirds thru the wknd and I've had three call ins---Fri. nite; a reintubation........definitely needed. Sat morning @ 0800 an EGD; quasi necessary. Last nite; C-section... I had pre-op interviewed this girl on fri for a scheduled c-section on monday, but as happens fairly often, she went into labor yesterday and after a day attempting a v-bac, came to OR at midnight for emergency C-section. (She went to school with J. ) So far a pretty reasonable call wknd. :-)))

Return to the 4th for a moment:

The "A-Team" watching the parade from the front steps of the homestead. (missing; middle son and grand-daughters) too long a walk from south Texas.
Shown: fr. mom Diane, daughter Michelle.
Back: dad Bob, son Jacob.

Fast forward----- Some first cousins traveled to the north country, from Ohio and Rochester, NY, to attend a mini family reunion with the Farrand clan at a summer home on Highway#2 between Presscott and Brockville, Canada. (The home just happens to be directly across the river from our camp) Being on call, I couldn't attend. The cousins stopped in last night for a visit. Their motels are just up the way from our camp. Shown L. to R. first cousins: Mary Kay SSJ. Eileen, Barbara, and Bob L.. Eileens DH Bob R.. Notice new fire pit. Great visit!


Blogger PEA said...

Glad your weekend hasn't been too busy while on call...but what a shame you had to miss the mini-reunion! I love being able to see relatives I haven't seen in a long while. What a lovely family shot on the steps!! You take good care and enjoy your day:-)

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