Friday, July 14, 2006

Whew................... what a week. First, fitting call for the month into two weeks is the price of taking vacation. However, fitting other tasks and duties in to my daily schedule becomes a bigger challenge than usual. Working all night on call has a way of disrupting time perspective..... ie: you forget what day it is, or what you have to do. Invaribly, some things get forgotten and or undone. I won't bore you with details; instead of napping yesterday to help recover from an alnighter, I scuried around getting last minute details shored up for the adventure which which starts and the end of work today. I did manage to go out for diner with Diane last night, our last day together for two weeks; our 39th wedding anniversary is next saturday (22nd July).

The week in review:

packing for two weeks in the southern rockies

My work station

Fruits of our labors/ with mother nature's assistance

Hope to see you in two weeks ;-)



Blogger PEA said...

Happy Anniversary to you and the missus...what a wonderful wedding picture of the two of you:-) It sure does look like you're packed and ready to go...will miss your posts while you're gone! You'd better have lots to say when you get back about your adventures!!! lol Those raspberries look sooooo good! Stay safe and see you in a couple of weeks:-)

7:33 PM  

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