Monday, August 07, 2006

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Our next endeavor after lunch was to go "funyaking" on class I & III rapids of the
Rio Grande. Basically the craft are two person sit atop heavy rubber kayaks. Leigh was my partner. This was exciting fun. We didn't fall out or tip over. We did get hung up on a rock one time, but got off without incident. There was lots of splashing and raucous good fun. Being in the kayak, obviously I was unable to take any pics. A photo company did get some great photos of us, and I ordered them over the weekend, but they aren't here yet. I'll post when I get them. It was a terrific 2 hour ride.

After our funyaking we checked in at the Quality Inn of Taos, NM. Then onto Michael's Kitchen for dinner. I had a combo Mexican plate. There was enough food to feed 5 people easiy. Leigh and mark got a bowl of green chili. Golly, those guys must have cast iron stomachs! When dinner was finished we all toodled down 4 blocks to the Plaza. Everything was closed except the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We indulged! (chocolate-almond ice cream for me.)

Taos Plaza: Much of the historic town of Taos can be enjoyed on foot. Taos Plaza, ringed by galleries, shops, restaurants and adventures in history, is the heart of Taos. At the Plaza, the US flag flies day and night, as permitted by an act of Congress after Kit Carson and his friends stood guard over their flag to protect it from Confederate sympathizers during the Civil War. Most of the buildings around the plaza are old; however, since Taos has always been plagued by fires, none of the plaza's buildings predate the 19th century. On the south side of the plaza is La Fonda hotel, which contains an exhibit of D.H. Lawrence paintings once banned in London.

Tomorrow: Biking the West rim of the Rio Grande Gorge.


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My youngest son who's 25 would have enjoyed this part of the journey for sure...he loves kayaking and belonged to the Kayak Club over here for a few years. He also loves going white water rafting!! I would have loved to see Taos, I love old historic towns!! Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

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