Friday, August 04, 2006

July 2006, Philmont trek.

Whenever I go on a trip, I'm pretty good at keeping a journal, so as to spur my memory of all the minutea I'd be liable to forget later. This trip I started my journal as usual, but was unable to keep it up for the entire trek due to the busy schedule. Every minute was packed with activity. It is a good way to keep teens occupied, but it also filled me up to over flowing.

We were two groups traveling as one until we split up to go on different treks once we arrived at the BSA ranch, Philmont, in Cimmarron NM.

We (24 people in total) flew from Syracuse at 0630 to Atlanta, and with little or no delay from Atlanta, Ga. to Albuquerque, NM., arriving at 1230 mountain time (2 hrs. earlier than eastern).
I'm no fan of how the airlines operate these days, but I must say they were extremely efficient with our group in Syracuse.

Our trip was organize by; Blue Sky Adventures. Our guide, Tam Chavez, and bus driver Rose-Ann met us and started us on our great adventure. Our first stop was for lunch, at THEE NM burger joint, Blakes Lotaburger.

It was here that I was introduced two new experiences; green chili, and a street scam artist. 1st, let me say, if anyone asks you if you want to try green chili on your burgher, try it judiciously because it's VERY HOT! 2nd; after eating, I went outside to....... :-) take a picture for my blog, and I was approached by a woman in an old, red, chevy blazer who tried to sad story me into giving her "gas money." I begged off, saying I was broke. When I returned to the bus and told our guide and driver they too, were appalled. While relating the story to them, we witnessed the same woman try to scam two other pigeons, (without success ,I might add). So Our guide went into Lotaburger and called the police. We left before the cops arrived. As we were driving away we could see her still driving around the parking lot looking to scam someone else.

Ok, need to make a new entry, otherwise I won't be allowed to show you more pics.


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I was so busy the last couple of days, I didn't get a chance to visit my blogging friends...I have about an hour before I have to get ready to go out for the day so here I am:-) Glad the flight went well...sometimes it can be a nightmare, especially if you have a large group to take care of! I think I'll pass on the green chili...I find regular pepper hot so can imagine what that would do to me! lol Wow, can't believe that woman trying to scam people into giving her gas money...she could have been saving on gas if she'd stop driving around the parking lots! lol Hope the police got her!

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