Saturday, August 19, 2006

Return to Abreu
It's still 20 July 2006.
Only now it's lunch time, and we still have a full day's uphill hike to Crator Lake. :-((

We (the adults) meet with Kate (the camp boss) who has discussed the situation by radio with the health lodge at base camp. She informs us that in their opinon DK should be alright to finish the day hike with us. Since he's been given some imodium (excuse me; where did he get imodium? From us, thank-you-very-much) he should be fine. They felt that his vital signs were within normal limits. (his pulse was 90 bpm, and his B/P was 130/90).

Leigh interjects: "Kate let me introduce you to our little group: I'm a practicing physcian, rel is an anesthetist, and FR is a pharmacist. Regardless of what your offsite medical consultant may think, we think DK is impaired and for him to continue on will surely make his condition worse. If he doesn't have giardia, he is at least dehydrated. Even with the imodium, he continues to experience diarrhea. In addition, he now admits that his stool is bloody. This is a 19 year old man in prime physical condition usually. a B/P of 130/90 is abnormal for him."

"We don't mean to be mule headed about this, but................!"

Kate: "I'll radio the health lodge and relay your concerns."
We: "Thanks Kate."

Kate, explaining the adobe pit to a scout.

Borro (not to be mule headed says rel)

We take the time to eat lunch while waiting for Kate's return.

She brings us the word that in fact the health lodge now thinks DK should return to base camp for further evaluation and treatment. Kate thanks us for our resolve. She shows us on the map a shorter trail to Crator Lake. (in fact it was not only shorter, but extremely steeper and very scenic).

Thanking Kate for acting as intermediary, we set off for Crator Lake. Kate asks us to give her regards to "Stinky" a friend on staff at Crator Lake.

Crator Lake (very low and scummy/during drought conditions)

Exhausted! we arrive at Crator Lake around 1830. Set camp, cook and eat supper, and colapse. The kids went to the camp fire and the adults all went to bed.




Stinky and Doc demonstrate how to safely climb a spar pole.

rel starts up spar pole

rel at the top

The trail to Schaefer's Pass, after spar pole climbing.
We're still 1/2 day behind schedule.

Next? Schaefer's Pass and Tooth of Time mountain.


Blogger Shell said...

That looks like some great adventure! The lake look sad..having lost so much water. Its been so dry this year.

1:36 PM  
Blogger PEA said...

That did sound like an exhausting climb and I'm glad you guys put in your own opinion about DK and that he was not allowed to continue with you...obviously he was not well at all! But, wow, what a great group to be with...a physician, an anesthetist and a pharmacist!!! Well done on the spar you that was no easy feat! Glad you're able to post pictures again:-)

7:43 PM  

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