Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday 20 Aug. 2006

Cool, cloudy, and overcast all weekend, but no appreciable rainfall as predicted. It misted and drizzled a few times, off and on. The best that can be said is that we probably didn't dry out anymore than we have already.

Today I've read:
Ogd. Advance news
Syracuse Post Standard
Men's Health July/August 2006
Writers Digest Aug. 2006
Organic Gardening Aug/Sept 2006
France Today Septembre 2006
The Immaculatan Spring 1985 (some of Dad's poetry)
Various, and sundry blogs including but not limited to:

I did the homestead duties; fed, watered, petted and talked with the cats. Showered with unlimited hot h2o. Measured closed in porch for carpet.

Started a new blog for Dad's literary works. I'll put the addy out soon.

Dinner at lodge with B&D friday evening. Discussed the girls trip (pilgramage) to Spain in April.
Last night Dinner at B&D's next door (can't keep track of all the B&D's), met their son's inlaws from Maine who were down for the new babes christening. Interesting how much we had in common, esp. our travel histories.


Blogger PEA said...

Very nice picture of Niagara Falls!! I had to laugh, though, see that white balloon on the American side? Every time I go to the falls, that balloon seems to follow you everywhere! lol No matter if I'm on my side or the American side, you see that balloon! Sounds like you had a nice day...glad you take the time to talk to the cats!! hehe Looking forward to reading some of your Dad's literary works!!!

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