Thursday, August 17, 2006

The trek; day 5. Thur. 20 July, 2006
We're up at 0530 and break camp at Olympia. On the 45 min. hike to Zastrow, where we'll stop for breakfast and potable water fill-ups, a mule deer doe and fawn cross the trail right in front of us. They didn't give a care whether we were there or not.

It was during bkfst that our suspicion that our ranger might be ill were strengthened. Mind you now, the previous night he had admonished us not to wake him 'til we were ready to leave camp. Now, 45 min. later while all but he were eating bkfst, he fell fast asleep. A sleep which required much effort on our part to disturb. ????????

Once we'd refilled our water bottles and the scouts had consulted the map, we started out for Abreu (7,240 ft.) Abreu is a working homestead with goats, mules, borro, home, adobe pit with frames for making bricks. In addition, there was a cantina which offered delicious root beer, and some other assorted supplies. We rested for a few minutes, sipping the refreshingly cool root beer, before hiking on. Our final destination today is to be Crator Lake.

It quickly became apparent that are concerns about DK were correct. He was increasinly nauseated and made frequent stops with diarrhea. After a short climb, we came to an abandoned camp, Old Abreu, where FR dispensed some imodium to DK. The adults made a decision to send DK back to Abreu, sending 3 scouts with him.

So, we took an extended rest at Old Abreu to await the return of our crew with or without DK.

Sitting in a grove of gamble oak, enjoying a serene setting; water washing over the rocks below us, LH brought out his harmonica and played. The effect was one of peaceful tranqility. The smell of pine, the sweet vanilla aroma of the ponderosa bark. It doesn't get any better.

The rest of the story?.................. tomorrow


Blogger thisisme said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog Rel. I hope that your guide was OK. What a stunning place to enjoy the serenity.

6:53 AM  
Blogger PEA said...

What bad luck for your guide to fall ill like that! You can tell by his picture his face was flushed. I love the thought of sitting in such a beautiful setting and listening to the harmonica!!

12:35 AM  

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